Our experienced attorneys and accountants can assist you in your business, corporate, and tax needs, from opening a corporation and regulatory compliance, to complex international agreements, tax audits, and litigation. Members of our firm are experienced in representing international clients in the United States and representing American client in contract negotiations and disputes in Eastern European (CIS) Countries, members of our firm are licensed to practice in Federal District Courts, Circuit Courts, United States Court of International Tirade, and United States Tax Court. We also assist international firms and individuals with foreign income with United States Tax Compliance. 

Our lawyers represent individuals and corporations in every area of corporate law, including formation, compliance, contracts, and corporate disputes. We represent both for-profit and non-profit 501(c)(3) entities. We specialize in Medical/Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Management, International Export/Import, International Investment, and dealings with Eastern European (CIS) Counties.

If you are a new or an existing business or a an individual looking for competent and qualified tax representation or you are facing a complex tax issues, international tax issues, or a serious tax dispute, or trying to reduce the amount of taxes you owe, it is very important to consult with a tax attorney you can trust and who has the experience and skills to help you and represent you before federal and state tax authorities. Our attorneys know and understand complex tax laws and can represent you in filing and preparing tax reports, financial statements, un-filed tax returns, tax investigation, tax evasion investigation, tax settlement, payroll tax, and filing foreign treaty tax returns.